20 November 2009

Guess who has got their personal license!!!???!!!

That's right, I took the qualificaition course on monday, didn't want to tell anyone til I knew I had got it... and I got 37 out of 40 correct so I'm well pleased with myself!!!

On Wednesday I went to suprise my bestest friend in the world ... she flew over from irealand!!! it was amazing her reaction... she couldn't quite believe that we had met her there it was brill... we went out on the wednesday night and then went shopping on thursday!!! we had a great great time!!! and I'm going back to see her tomorrow after I finish work at 4!!! I'm so excitable!!! I love having her here and I miss her so much when she is in ireland! The picture above is of me and maggie on wednsday night!

Here's a few pictures of a few commisions I've had for xmas... I need to get on with them as I actually have loads!!!!!!!! WOOP
My little Froggy Sitting on a Lily Pad Pendant

And a Sparkly Snowman for my mummy's phone!!!

Hope everyone is well... Hoping to get a load of beads done very soon ... but after Maggie has gone home i'm affraid!!! hehe!!!


Zelda Zog said...

Fab news, Vicki, about the qualification, but erm, what in??

Well done, what ever it be!

Vicki said...

hehe, sorry... I got my personal license which now allows me to sell alcohol, I could get my own pub/cafe and have a license to sell alcoholic drinks, etc which is a very exciting!!! ...another foot in the door.
Thank you for the kind wishes!!!