20 September 2009

Happy 2 year Anniversary Us!!!

Well, two years ago today I met my now boyfriend for a drink in Font Bar on Oxford Road, Manchester... I had known him through work for a couple of months. And to be honest... since then we have pretty much been inseparable... We have had a tough 2 years, what with me being ill for the majority of the first year, and then getting a flat together... then moving back home to live with the rents. But we are so happy together... who knows where we will be in just another years time! (keep reading... you'll understand in a bit!)

So... last night we went for a nice Indian meal which was lovely, and we came back and we stayed up and watched the whole of the UFC, (I was so suprised I was still awake come 5:30am!!!) So... this is what happened... I re-designed my Beads By Vicki Website... take a look let me know what you think!!!

So, those of you know me... I get bored quickly... from the age of about 10 I would change my room around at least once every 2 months... and as I go older the obssesion began with changing my hair colour. So here are a few things that I have changed in my life at the moment

1. Dyed the ends of my hair bright pink (photo to follow later)
2. Totally re-vamped my website (and with the new design comes new beads!)
3. ... the scariest and most exciting thing of all... there is a very big possibility that Fran and I will be going out to Japan for 6 months as soon as we have the money!!!

So I think you are pretty much up to date now... the sun is shining... we are chillin' and everything is goooood!!!!!!!



Sandy said...

Really neat website! I love how it loaded.

Chris said...

It's great to celebrate and you sound very happy! Your website looks great, I've been to have a look. I wonder if your email on the website is working as I emailed you about a bracelet a few weeks ago but didn't get a reply. Good luck, your beads and jewellery are superb. Chris :)

by keiara - lampwork beads said...

happy anniversary honey! sounds like everything is going great :) your site looks awesome and your beads are fabulous! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for your Japan trip.. how exciting! xox

Eve Smith said...

wow you have been busy, i was also like you when i was younger my bedroom was revamped nearly every other week, my mum still dose'nt know how i managed to move my wardropes.

Nicola said...

Congratulations on your 2 years together, love your new website and your beads are looking great - keep up the good work!