21 September 2009

Sight Seeing in Liverpool and...

A View from the Albert Docks.
Pretty cool building... just happened to be a Costa Coffee.
We thought we would try out the motion mode... fast shutter speed!!! WOOP!... and my turn!
Yellow Submarine, The Beatles! Fran drinking a pint in The Cavern!
and again.. on Inside mode... or something like that!
and me in The Cavern.
Both of us.
me and my new hair!!! love it!
another photo taken with the inside mode on... not sure it would be classed as a "good" photo by professional photographers... but we liked it!
We decided to go to Wagamams, Japanese!!! it was bloody gorgeous! and we both did alright with the old chock sticks!!!
me enjoying a Ebi Katsu (Fried battered Prawns to you and me)... yummmmmy!
and finally a view of the Albert Docks from the top of Liverpool One.

So we have had such a wonderful long weekend. We have kept busy the whole time! But no beads to report at all... but that's OK... got lots of ideas stored up!

Friday we went into Manchester to see Fran's sister and brother in law, it was a lovely to see them and a really great day. They arrived back safe and sound in Vancouver today! Lucky things! Ow, then we watched Derren Brown... I was so excited at the fact that he was going to sick us all to our sofas... but it didn't work on any of us! I was gutted as I so wanted it to work. Did any of you guys get stuck? I haven't yet spoken to anyone who did yet so hope there were a few of you.

Then Saturday we were up earlyish to see Mum, Dad, Nan and Arthur off on their holidays in Scotland, we watched a few movies whilst I dyed my hair. had a fantastic afternoon nap (I sooo wanna do that more often! hehe) and then off we went for a curry. We got back and stayed up til 6am whilst the UFC was on, Fran was so excited to be watching, as he thought he was going to miss it. I re designed my whole website (as you have already seen) then we slept for a few hours then got up and ready to go out, and walked to the Middlebrook shopping center to pick up my AMAZING anniversary present!!! It is amazing... it was a brand new brilliant camera!!! Which is why I wanted to go somewhere to take some photos! It is incredible... I tried taking a few photos of my beads this morning, and there is a whole totally different level of detail and clarity! I love it!

and then today we went to Liverpool and Fran showed me the sights (See Above)

And tomorrow my bestest friend in the whole world is coming to Manchester for the day and I'm gunna go see her!!! So excited can't wait!!! I haven't seen her for over a year

So I guess I won't have any more beads to show until... erm... Thursday! Watch this space :-)

Hope everyone is well

Vicki xxx

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