9 July 2009


Good Afternoon! I have a horrible horrible cricked neck!!! its rubbish, it better go soon cuz I've got things to do!!! Right, well yesterday was very progressive which is always good! I made my first set of actual ROUND beads... not doughnut shaped round beads... my dad keep telling me to make marbles, lol, and I have been practicing for a couple of weeks, and I have finally cracked it, so I made some supper special beads!!! These beads are made with CIM Tuxedo black, and then I have drapped Double Helix's Psyche around the bead, which is a silver rich glass, so when it is reduced it gives a very silvery/metalic look. I haven't quite got the hang of reducing glass, and I don't even know where to begin when it comes to striking glass! I have called this bead set Psyched Out... because of using the Psyche Glass :-) I love Psyche but it so expesive, i can't afford to waste it so it only comes out when I know exactly what I'm doing! Each bead has a capri blue swarovski cryals between them which really sets off the beautiful blue from the silver glass.
At least I have made this reducing work a little... fingers crossed it can only get better from here!!!

Also yesterday I finished off this set which I have called Jewellery Box.
Anyway, I'm off to make some more now!! of course! :-)


Hearttohearts said...

Wow, I just love how that blue looks against the black. Beautiful!

Nicola said...

Glad your comments are working now, I was going to comment before but couldn't. I just wanted to say I think your doing really well, your glass beads looked so professional when you first started and they're just getting better and better!

Vicki said...

Thank you ladies, I really appreciate the comments, it's hard to know how your doing when you don't have any one around you who knows how you are doing!!! So thank you thank you thank :-) xxxxxxx