30 July 2009

Wow soooooo much has happened since my last blog!!!

Weeellll!!!! We went to Helpringham to visit my lovely lovely family and to go to the Heckington Agricultural Show where I was sharing a stall with a lovely lady called Becky who also make Lampwork beads and jewellery. She did the Saturday and I did the Sunday. We slept in the garden in tents, it was lovely. We got to the fair at 7:30am!!! I was panicing, hoping that I had bought everything with me etc. Mum and Fran were absolutly fantastic helping me set up and helping me throughout the day!!! :-) We got set up and had a great day!!! Talked to lots of people and swapped a lovely wall hanging with the lady from the next stall and she had a load of my beads. Her website is currently under construction but as soon as it is ready I will post it on here as her stuff is beautiful! She says that she is going to use some of my beads to melt into a bowl. So I am very very excited to see what that turns out like :-)

Here is me and Fran my Stall!!! :-) After the fair We went to my Mums cousins 30th Birthday Party, it was so lovely to see all the family, and we had a great great (and got a little drunk) hehe, haven't drank for ageeeessss! I think i remember telling the bar staff their My life story... haha!! Oh dear... yep, I was THAT drunk!

Also, All the members who are on Frit Happens (my fav forum ever... I pretty much check that before I check my email - not good haha) and Etsy now have a FHF team which is bloody brilliant!!! A few people have done a LOT of work to get this going and I would like to thank them, as it has definatly upped the traffic to my etsy shop!!! FOR SURE!!!! Here are a few treasuries I am featured in right at this moment :-) how exciting!

All the Pictures are clickable and will take you to each of the treasuries on Etsy, and you can view peoples comments of the treasury. I think a certain few people are enjoying the suspence of waiting for the treasury to open!!! hehe, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE... and thank you, you lovely people!

Another Exciting thing to have happened is My Sun Rise Jewellery site is now featured on the actually MR SITE webpage!!! I was so excited when I saw it!!! It should drive a lot more traffic to my site, which is very exciting - Oooow, I am a very excited person at the moment... everything seems to be going in the right direction :-)
This picture is also clickable and I am shown on the 3rd page. Please feel free to take a look :-)

I'm tying to think what else has happened... (that is if I haven't lost all of you cuz this post is so bloody long... at least I know one person will be reading!!! HIYA NAN!!! *WAVE* hehe) Well I have sold I few bit of jewellery and I have given quite a few of my hours away at work next week, and I have 3 days off in a row... I am going to see if I can treat my lampworking as when... for example as soon as fran leaves for work... that is when I start beading... and when he gets home... I stop. I know it will be great cuz I wanna spend every spare second I get behind the torch... so I think it will be a case of "Ow... do I have to stop now?!" hehe, but this way I will actually get to see FRAN!!! WOOP!!!

Ooow, I knew there was something I hadn't told you. and the reason I haven't been bloggin I have been working hard on a website for My Brother, let me know what you think so far please. any comments welcome!
Photo also clickable... It is no where near finished yet (thats tomorrow job!) and it won't have the adverts in the end... so look at it with an open mind!!!

And keep your eyes peeled for my new website... Designs By Vicki...
PHEW... thats was like 6 posts in 1!!! sorry guys... sure there is something I have missed. but please please please excusing spelling/typing/grammar mystakes cuz I just don't have the time to type this long AND read back!!! hehe. Bed time for me. then making beads all day tomorrow :-) WOOP

Goodnight x


Hearttohearts said...

congrats on all the success! that's fantastic!!!!

eve said...

My my you have been busy, i'm also changing my name, it is now designs-by-eve, , i bought the domain name, but now need to order new business card etc, will get there,x

Nan said...

Hello Vicki You are quite right I do read everything. I think it is amazing and lovely what you write. Love your beads and love Matthews photos and playing.
Well done. Love you xx

Saffie said...

wow Vicky you are one seriously busy bunny good for you hun it can only lead to excellent things for you and I wish you the very best!

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