31 July 2009

Designs By Vicki nearly ready to launch... comments welcomed please

I reckon I have a few more hours working on it left, getting the right packages etc... and obviously the adverts will be gone when I launch it, but would really like to know what you guys think... would love any feedback you can give me pleeeeeeeeeeaaaassssseeeeeeeeeeee :-) xxx


Hearttohearts said...

I love the logo and the pink swirls. From what I can tell of your personality from reading your blog I think it fits you perfectly!

Nicola said...

Looks really eye catching, can't wait to see it finished, your brothers site looks professional as well. I'm busy working on a new site for my jewellery at the moment too.

Saffie said...

Wow Vicki looks fab will you be upset if I point out 2 spelling errors!!!!
business is i after s not before! and for personal use not personally
I love the look and the site you did for Helen (bluefairy) is fab good luck in your venture I am sure you will do very well

Saffie said...

How rude of me I also meant to say your beads are totally gorgeous as well xxx