4 August 2009

Life as a Lampwork artist

Well today is my first day trying the out the artists life style...
My hours were cut at work and a few people had been left with non, so I decided to give a few hour away this week to have a taste of being a professional lampwork artist!!!
I am off til Friday night and I have decided when Fran goes to work... I will be sat behind my torch til he gets home... obviously with an lunch break... but before I start I have a few beads to go clean up, then take photos of and then get them up on my site... so I reckon I will hopefully get about 7-8 hours of bead making in today which I'm veeeeerrrryyyy excited about... that is as long as there is another space in my cute little kiln. Think I'm going to have to get thinner mandrels so I can fit more of them in!!! :-)

Will post pictures of the bead later on today.

Wish me luck! :-)

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