6 January 2010

My Moo Cards are here!!!!

YAY - so colourful I love them!!!!
If you are looking to buy business cards you should definitely check them out here.

Here are a couple more commissions I have been making...


Today's task : Bead Making - fill the kiln!
Tonight's Task : Match Website to new Buisness Cards (most people do it the otherway round but hey!!! haha)


Unknown said...

Love your colourful moo cards - they are great.

Forget me Not is my favourite

Daniela Lombardo said...

estas piezas son preciosas... delicadas para llevarnos a los sueños de princesas de niñas y elegantes con buenísima calidad y terminación de detalles para llevarnos a la mujer fina y delicada pero fuerte a la vez... buenísimo, felicidades!

Maggie said...

Hey Viki,

Your blog is so wonderful and I love your moo cards!!! Thanks for following me...& for your support! Muah!!!



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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