13 July 2009

3 days off!

Well, I have been very fortunate to get 3 days off in a row!!!
I'm am physical knackered though, as this weekend has been one of the busiest weekends at the restaurant and although it ran as smoothly as It could of done, we only had 5 floor staff on which means we were all working our arses off for it!!! Luckily the tips were good, which made it all worth it!!!
I am quite excited about my bead making progress as I sent my first commissioned bead set off to the States last week, I made a bracelet with my beads some silver and swarovskis for a friend from work, who has bought a dress around the bracelet to wear for a wedding she is going to.
I've sold a few bead sets, and a focal bead off my website. And also, trying to make sure I have enough stock to take with me to the Helpringham Show which is 2 weeks yesterday...!!! oh dear, I shouldn't be writting on here, I should be getting on with it all, hehe.
I am also looking into doing a years course at dudley college in Birmingham at the International Glass Center september 2010. I have heard it is an intense course... which is quite exciting!!! I know I work well under pressure with things I enjoy!!!

This morning, I have had a bit of practice with the silver glass I have after some help from some of them lovely people off frit happens they are always so so helpful!!! had a bit of luck... but not anything to show!!! lol!!! will only show you guys when I have got the hang of it properly... anyway!!! Tonight, Tomorrow and Wednesday gunna be making lots of beads... making beads I know I can make!!! and making most of that into jewellery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be taking a picture of everything I make for the show... so don't worry... soon this blog will be FLOODED with pictures of beady things... WATCH THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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