14 July 2009

A little bit of inspiration...

So I had a little bit of bead making time yesterday (when the internet went down!!!) I wasn't really feeling it though. But this morning when I got only the cutest set of beads out of my kiln it has certainly inspired me to make more beads today!!! I made this set with only 3 colours, baby pink, baby blue and ivory. I actually really enjoyed making them... and they are alot more fuller than my usual sets which I really like!!

Also, last night I got all my jewellery sprawled out all over the living room floor and it turns out I have about 5 times more stock than I thought I had... so I am alot more happy about doing this craft show in less than a couple of weeks!!!

I'm gunna make a few more sets like this as well... very simple but so effective... Love em!
Anyway the first thing I'm gunna do is hoover up all the tiny shards of glass on the floor, because its getting a bit of a mess and would hate anyone to hurt their feet!!!!

Have a good tuesday !!!


eve said...

I love the colour of these ones, really into blue at the mo,

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