24 September 2009

My Maggie Came to Manchester!!!

Well I have had like the best week off work ever... you've heard about what I got up to over my long weekend, well Tuesday and Wednesday I have been in Manchester spending time with my bestest friend ever!!! We went to school together, so I have known here for 8 years, and She is now studying to become a doctor in Ireland, so I don't get to see here much as she is studying super hard!!! She bought her boyfriend over to meet us all, who was lovely and I'm very happy for her! We have had a really great time. We went for a curry with some more old school friends on Tuesday night and then had a chiese buffet on the wednesday lunch with a load more of friends! The Necklace above I made for Maggie!
Me and Maggie in the Indian
I was click happy and took about 20 photos in like 15 seconds or something like that, I thought this one was lovely, Maggie you pretty thing!Me and maggieFran came to meet us :-)

Made some beads last night ... a cupcake bead and a strawberry bead, hehe, watch this space... I am going to go clean and photograph them now... I want to fill my kiln today as I am back to work tomorrow ... no one wants to go back to work after a holiday do they, so sob sob!!!

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