24 September 2009

Cupcake and Strawberry beads as promised!!!

I was gutted because when I had taken my super amazing new camera to take photos over the last couple of days one of my friends had shown me how to do a few things with it that I had no idea... I think he kinda knows what he was doing... and he set it all to Manual... Focus... White Balance etc... EVERYTHING!!! and I came to taking some photos of these beadies and the camera just wouldn't focus at all... :-s SO I email the support at Nikon in Europe... and they got back to me within an hour... and now its all fixed and back to being easy to use :-) YAY!!! At the mo I have 3 beads in my kiln... one turtle (hoping its going to be ok... it was quite big and it cracked a little... I fused it back together so fingers crossed!!!) a bee and a flower... I'm enjoying this sculpting stuff :-)

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