27 September 2009

Web Templates

Hey, Well I decided to try to get my designs by vicki website up pretty soon, so I can start making websites for people, so last night I decided I wanted to create a few pre-made templates for people to buy... here are the two I have made so far... I want to make 10 as a starting point to get the website a bit more filled out. (waffle waffle waffle... sorry if I don't make sense my head is all over the place...)

At The moment the template will show up with the Wix adverts along the bottom and sides, but once the template have been purchased they will no longer be there :-) let me know what you think, I've got loads more ideas!!!

Also, just so you guys know, The illistration images I have used are freebies on Sanqunetti Design, Judy Sanqunetti does everything in terms on designs!!! I think I might purchase some of here cute birdie images :-) they are so cute! and then the photos on the template I have used from Stock.Xchng.

Right... on the bead front... I have made 5 more sculpture beadies... but at the moment I am not 100% sure how to get a white background using my new snazzy camera... I think I need to have a play for an hour or so on my next day off!!... ow that's tomorrow YIPPEE :-)

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