16 August 2009

Under New Managment

So this week has been a strange one to be honest... not much bead making gone on (SOB SOB!!!) but have worked a fair few hours. The restaurant I work at is under new management and already in just under a week it is starting to feel like a lovely place to work! I have really enjoyed it!

I do have some very exciting news... me and Fran went to see a mortgage adviser at the beginning of the week, just to see if and what we could borrow... and how much we have to save etc. and We were pleasantly surprised!!! we are hoping to move in about 6-9months tops. Hoping to move not to far away from where we are now, what with our jobs etc... but who knows... we could go anywhere :-)

I'm off the Hinckley tomorrow bright and early... gotta catch the first train of the day at 6:40!!!
I'm off to see Sally Carver for a lesson, and I am hoping to get a few tips on silver glass, and other more advanced techniques!!! as much as she can possibly teach me in the day!!! so I imagine I will be well and truley K-nackered!!! but will hopefully have some exciting beadies to show!!!!


eve said...

Hope you have a great day and can't wait yo see what lovely beads you make,x

Crafted Gems said...

Me and my Hubby are in the middle of buying a house, very stressful!!! What are house prices like in Bolton now? Not lived there for years now. I bet the town centre has changed loads too!!!

Hearttohearts said...

that's great news! Good luck with finding a house!!! congrats