18 August 2009

Yesterday... what a day!

Well I have no pictures to show right now as they were in the kiln when I left , should get them tomorrow! It was such a fantastic day!!! I learned soooo much, the majority of the day I watch Sal do demonstrations, which is exactly what I wanted, as I learn mainly by watching people work... It doesn't matter how much I read up on techniques, I don't seem to be able to do them until I see it being done or see steps in pictures. So even though I was knackered last night, i HAD to go on my torch when I got home!
I made a set of 8 beads, which are simply encased ekho... I did it, I got greens, blues AND purples. :-) I also made an encased floral focal bead using Lauscha Clear glass which Sal very kindly gave me a few rods to play with. It didn't burn or scum one little bit... not even on my hothead! crazy really, and because it wasn't burning I didn't actually mind waiting for it to melt in (I usually get very bored with waiting for the glass to melt in on my hothead! if I burn the glass, and I throw it straight in my bucket of vermiculite in rage that I have totally wasted my time!) I think that it is the best bead I have made by FAR!!!

I think just watching Sal work has helped my lampworking remarkably!!! I just felt like I could do it!!! no problem!!! crazy really! I also made a few heart focals too...

Will post photos later on today!!!! :-) and then will post photos of my lesson beads when I get them in the post! :-)

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eve said...

Oh i can't wait to see what you have made now, as they say practise makes perfect. remember and get some sleep.