16 September 2009

It's all about being off work for a week!!!

Crous Polka Dot Heart Pendant - I'm so totally in love with this necklace, that I'm afraid I will not be parting with it... I am happy to say... this is necklace is mine... all mine!!!! hehe

Well, first things first I want to apologies to everyone who follows my general waffle for not leaving a post for so long, I have been working very hard at the restaurant trying to do as many hours as I can possibly do, leading up to this very very exciting week off!!! So It's mine and Fran's 2 year anniversary this Sunday which is very lovely... I have got him a lovely pressie... but I have managed to keep it a secret from him, so I can't tell you guys till I have given it to him!!!! but I am so proud of myself (haha!) as I have never managed to keep it a secret from him what I have got him! He has absolutely NO idea, Yippee!!!! I think we are going somewhere and doing something on the weekend but we don't know what as yet! haha! We will do something though, something nice, but not too expensive. Anyway, so in between working my arse off running around a bloody restaurant attending to EVERY bodies need for the past few weeks, I have managed to do a bit of bead making, and I have made a few bits of jewellery with the beads... here are a few piccies

These beads I made with Double Helix's Silver Glass called "Triton". I originally saw this type of bead over at Beads By Clair Scott's Flickr Page her beads are absolutely beautiful!!! She just doesn't seem to make a "bad bead"!!! I asked her what glass she had used to make a set of hers that I absolutely loved and she was nice enough to share with me, I spent a good few hours playing with the glass before I got close to getting the reactions she got from the glass... but I feel I am defiantly getting closer to getting brilliant effects from this glass! which is very exciting!

This was another set I made with the same glass but wrapped round a stunning bright eye catching lilac colour and then the pearlescent effects from the silver glass has been captured in crystal clear glass. The effects range from a light green colour to a stunning deep blue

A couple more hearts, I am loving the shape I am getting the more I make them. I love making them too! The Pink Heart I have used CiM's transparent Pink called "Blush" and then covered it in Mica Powder "Diamond" and it has given this absolutely perfectly cute heart a perfectly beautiful sparkle!!!

he This was a bead I was messing around with, it is a Pysche base with Triton Drizzled on and swirled around, then I was playing with reducing the glass to see the different effects had got, I literally worked on this one bead for about half and hour, reducing... then reversing the effect and then reducing etc etc. When I sat down to make my lilac polka dot heart pendant I thought I would turn this bead into a pendant. Which I gave to my friend at work who gives me lifts all the time!!!!

Because tomorrow is my first day off I am going to tidy and sort out absolutely everything, the bedroom, the bathroom, the spare room, and finally all my jewellery stuff which is in a proper mess and I can't find anything!!! Which will make my time off much much easier!!!
I'm sure you will be hearing lots and lots from me over the next week! :-)
Lots of Love
Vicki xxx

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Keiara Wells said...

LOVE the hearts!! :) xox