26 November 2009

The Penguin Parade

Well, Wow what a week, I am still catching up on sleep! I had the best time with my friends!!! any way... what do think to these penguins up there ^ My new little penguin parade... I absolutely loved making these little cuties!!! I am going to make some more right now :-D you can buy these for either £9 each or the whole family for £30 on my website... check it out!

The lucky thing is it's Frans Birthday next Thursday and we both have the week off as of Saturday ... so as much stuff as I have got to do, it will be really nice just to chill out for a bit, before I work as many hours as I can over xmas at the reastuarnt because come January there really isn't gunna be any hours going!

Another thing I am working on is some wedding jewellery here are a couple of bracelets I have made so far... let me know what you think.

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