20 April 2010

Stunning Semi Precious Beads

I got a little bit of jewellery making done yesterday, I really enjoyed it!!! Don't you just love it when you are using top quality materials... it always makes the finished product look that much better!!!

So, I'm going to let you into a few little secrets
  1.  In every piece of jewellery I make, I always use swarovski 4mm bicones crystals. Doesn't matter what I'm making, I either use the crystal clear ones, or choose a colour that will accent the piece. 
  2. I LOVE faceted semi precious gemstones, or natural shaped beads. Like in the necklace above, each of these "chip" beads are different, which I think always give your jewellery that "unique feel". You can click here to look at an amazing selection of semi precious beads.
  3. I love to use silver to compliment the beads I use. I find that silver works well to accent the colours I use too. Like the necklace above I have used frosted silver beads as they work well with the lighter colours, but in the bracelet below because of the dark colours I have used the solid silver.

 You know what's the best thing about these pieces of jewellery... They are for me! YAY!

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Mel P said...

Oooo Vicky these are so pretty.