18 April 2010

Getting Dressed Up To Take Photos of the Sunset

No joke... that's actually what we did! haha. We have been so many places, taking it in turns to take photos with the one camera I had. Now I have a new one she has my old one, and she loves it! and I love that we both can take photos of the same thing and kind of learn together... so we both finished work at 3:30, and I tell you that NEVER happens!!! So we wanted to make the most of it! We decided that we would both wear a nice dress and wear nice make up so that we could have a practice taking photos of each other whilst we were waiting for the exciting sun to set. We drove up there to find our spot of where we wanted to be to capture the sunset... then we went for a quick explore. I mean like 15 mins! We had a practice at taking some photos of the sun, getting different shot by changing the aperture. I took photos of Jodi for literally 5 mins at the most!!! and I got some photos that I really am proud of!!!
We dashed back to our "spot" in time for the sunset... I was such an idiot! we were waiting for ages... I thought it would set about 45mins before it actually did. hehe. I should of checked really should I?! We decided to go see what was in our surrounding, Jodi got a great shot of 2 sheep locking horns! I didn't even see it happen!!

It was extremely cold by this time and we watch the last 15mins from the car with the heating on full blast! I decided I would get out for the last 5 mins. I got a few good photos but felt like I was taking the same photos... over, and over and over and over. So The sun was literally 2 minutes from setting and I decided to put my 70-300mm lense on. I zoomed in to 300mm.
"Jodi! There is something infront of the sun"
but from this distance neither of us could make out what It was. So I just held down my shutter button taking as many photos as I could until the sun was gone - hehe. After, we zoomed into the photos it was very apparent that it was an oil rig right infront of the sun! Amazing! Not fantastic quality... but what do you expect from over 25 miles away!!!! I was well pleased!!!

I'm really loving my new camera!!! :-D


eve said...

These photos are amazing, and the sunset looks stunning,x

Vicki said...

thanks eve :-) x