3 November 2009

Oh Dear... Shes done it again...

What did I say about a month ago about me never being happy... well I'm sure I didn't say that exactly but I always have to change things, I don't like things being the same for too long, and I needed to update some beads on my website, so what did I go and do?!?! I know I'm a fool!

But from now on my website will hold beads for no longer than a couple of weeks and they will be transferred to my Etsy shop. At the moment I have only 6 bead set and 5 focals... a couple of new bits on there so please do check it out here.

Still not feeling good and am in the designated "ill persons" spot on the sofa luckily Wednesday and Thursday was my day off... so I am hoping that will give me enough time to recover to 100% to go back to work on Friday! Keep sending me those get well vibes!!!

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