8 October 2009

Finally ... (again)

Well, as you know I have a brand new camera which I love but haven't been able to do what I wanted in ways of taking pictures of my beads/jewellery on a white background... just purely because it has that many different settings I didn't know how or what to set to what and what to put it at --- ARGH!!! yes it has been somewhat frustrating on my part... I never do things I'm not good at, and I HATE HATE HATE it when I can't do something I really want to be good at... so anyway, Mum got this new light for her craft stuff and suggested I should try it with natural light and we have finally got somewhere :-) Now it isn't the final solution but at least I can now take pictures to use on here... my website and anywhere else I fancy showing off my beadies!!! so here goes...

Commission of Pastel Rainbow Hues

A flower bead on a ring... what do you think?

Meet the Friendly Bumble Bee (He doesn't sting!!!)
and a delicious cupcake with a cherry on top :-)

will be working lots but off next wednesday and thursday so will be getting as much beading in as I can :-) will keep you all posted :-)

1 comment:

Nicola said...

These are great photos Vicki, I always struggle with white backgrounds