5 October 2009

A Little Torch Time Music

Well... I have been off work this weekend with flu... oh it has been horrible, I hate not being able to do what I want to do!!! I just couldn't concentrate on anything! so no bead making at all! I didn't want to burn myself - I've got enough scars from last time I insisted on making beads when I was ill... I don't need any more! So I went into work today for some training/meeting as the restaurant is shut for a couple of days for a refurbishment! fingers crossed its going to be good!!! it was only a couple of hours of sorting though our files and talking about things that needed to be talked about so it wasn't tiring but I am knackered now!!! No plans for today or tomorrow just chilling out to get better before back to work on Wednesday!!!

So... what do you guys do when you are making beads? or making jewellery? or what ever you like to do... ?

Well when I used to make jewellery I would sprawl out on my living room floor with everything I could possibly need and I would watch 24!!!! or a crappy tv show that I would get into... but 24 was my favourite... though actually I never got much jewellery making done when 24 was on... its way too confusing when you dont give it 110% of your concertration! haha...

and when I started making beads, I realised I had to have my complete concertration on the flame ... obviously much more dangerous than beaded jewellery making! So when I began torching I was on a hot head torch which is just WAY to loud to listen to music or even listen to the tv... but now on my new set up I listen to tunes the whole time! singing along and having a really great time!!! so I thought I would share my playlist that I made called "Torch Time" I made it using Spotify... if you haven't come across this program you should google it and download it! as long as you are online you can isten to as much music as you want for free (not every piece of music in the whole world is on there... there is a few essientials missing but its free so who cares!!!!) here it is... hope you enjoy it as much as I do :-)

Torch Time: http://open.spotify.com/user/vixwhite/playlist/0D0ewYeOwzx4k65nZW1bZA

Hoping to get enough courage to get behind the torch tonight... but we will see!!!

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