30 October 2009

I'm a Very Proud Sister...

Back in July my very talented little brother (age 18) played his euphonium at an extremely well known, posh conference called TED http://www.ted.com/.

On the first day he played his 10 min "stint" between Stephen Fry's and Gordon Browns Talks. He became friends with a singer called Imogen Heap who we have both been fans of for a good few year, check her out here: http://www.myspace.com/imogenheap In his first 10 min set he played the piece of music that had actually gotten him the gig at TED... I won't bore you with that story but check the performance out here:


It has only been on Youtube for 8 hours and already it has had 89 comments - good and bad... people are actually getting quite angry at each other for having such strong opinions!
Basically it is very different performance from what you would normally hear from a Euphonium, as it is a very beautiful sounding instrument and is normally considered as a classical instrument, so Matthew has totally taken it out of its comfort zone to create something totally different ... He is beat boxing and singing through his instrument to create chords... which I can tell you is not easy! it is a single note instrument so he really is pushing all the bunderies he can!!! Hope you enjoy it, and leave a comment Grin
Im very proud of him, I think he is amazing!!!!!!!


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