30 October 2009

I'm Back!!!

Hello Kitty Pendant

Sorry for the lack of blogging recently... I am working 50hours (ish) a week at the restaurant and I'm sleeping like 8-10 hours a night so all in all not getting as much time as I would hope to make beads, make jewellery and blog all the time... if you haven't already, please read the post about my amazingly talented brother here.

I am very excited that I am working with a lady to make her wedding jewellery, for her, her mum and her bridesmaid, so tomorrow I will be picking and spending a bit of money on some sterling silver which I am very excited about... I am hoping to set up a website for wedding jewellery... Ooooh, I have so many ideas, so little time... I wonder how many off them I can pull off... Hehe.

Here are some Beadies....

Pink and Teal Encased Flower Beads - A sample of different style encased florals, for the ladies bridesmaid (her dress is Teal and she will be carrying a cerise pink bouquet of flowers)

Icy Silver Foiled Nuggets Bead Set

Encased Pink Flowers Bead Set

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