27 August 2009

Where have I been?

Arabian Nights Bead Set - £28.00

Encased Mystic Swirls Bead Set - £28.00

Little Gems Bead Set - £32.00

Well, I have been working very hard, to be honest since my lesson with Sally last monday, I am absolutely longing for my new torch which I purchased yesterday... Eeeek!!!! Kinda sat there using my hot head, when I know that I am going to get such better and quicker results on the new torch, just seems kinda pointless... but I don't want to stop. haha. I made a set for my friend this week, and made it into a bracelet for her, which we were both very pleased with (not the best photo, and also tweeked it after the photo was taken to make it a little smaller for a prefect fit!)

Anyway, my torch should be gettin here in the next couple of days, which I will be able to get set up soon!!!!! not sure of next weeks rota at the restaurant but hopefully it shouldn't be too different from this week! fingers crossed I will have Monday and Tuesday off!
Also, just wanted to say I am absolutely LOVIN paramore at the moment!!! BIG TIME!!! if you don't know who they are check out their myspace and listen to some of their tunes, their new album "Brand New Eyes" is hitting the UK on the 28th September 2009, and OH MY GOD I'm excited!!! Other news I am going to see Tim Minchen next week which on the whole I am excited about (not feeling so good about the fact I'm gunna be sat down... with loads of other people... but I'm sure I'll get over it and have a good night!) Also, Loving Regina Spektor since glastonbury, and am hoping to get a recording to me doing a few cover versions ("Laughing With"... and "Samson") of her songs! and also loving Newton Faulkner (since glasto again!) watch a live feed from his blog where he was just answering questions and playing a few bit, felt so personal!!!! But I really want to make some beads for his dreads and send them to him!!! that would be just tooo cool! :-) hehe

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EVY Designs said...

Your Arabian nights beads are beautiful♥