22 July 2009

Introducing... MATTHEW WHITE!

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Well ... I did promise didn't I!!!
I spoke to Matt today, he says he is having the best time at the TED Confrence (which he corrected me as I said it was in Cambridge... I'm wrong, it is in Oxford -see now thats why I'm not there!!! hehe), I think its dead funny cuz the phone hasn't stopped ringing today - it's Matthew just HAVING to tell us the next thing that has just happened! obviously my mum beats me to the phone everytime :-p so I am always shouting PUT HIM ON SPEAKER PHONE - I WANT TO HEAR TOOOO!!! hehe. He playseda couple of peieces yesterday with Steaven Fry before him and the PM Gordon Brown after... they all had reserved seat in the front row together whilst they were waiting to do "their stint" as far as I know he spent the rest of the day mingling with the other people "performing and giving lectures" etc.
Every night there has been a free bar party, but I know that cuz Matt was playing this morning I think he only went to the one last night for a bit, then got an early night! He played this morning, and met Imogen Heap who we are big BIG fans of... if you haven't heard of her check out her myspace here, listen to HIDE AND SEEK its amazing... I remember watching The OC a few years ago, and it were playing on a memorial scene, I looked it up and played it over and over for months!!!
Anyway, another phone call we got later this evening. A blonde haired lady went up to him and told him she had enjoyed his playing. I don't imagine how Matt had been so cool about it, he said he thanked her, and reaised who she was... He checked with someone near by and the person confirmed that it was nun other than CAMERON DIAZ!!!!! can you belive that! Well we have 2 more days of this, he is back on Friday and he isn't doing anymore performing so I imagine that he will be making the most of the free bar (good lad!)!!!

He has always been amazing at the Euphonium, he has played since he was 7 years old (music runs in the family... mum and dad play, I played up until I got ill last year) He has been in the Young Musicain Brass Final, in the Radio 2 Brass Finals and so much more. and I am so happy that finally something amazing is happening for him, he deserves it more than anyone I know... he is simply the most hard working nicest guy you could want meet... I know it is soppy but I am so proud to call him my brother!!!

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