23 July 2009

Reducing Psyche

Well I did say yesterday about thinking that I have manged to make silver glass work for me... I love this set I made but I was hoping for more purpley tones. I have asked the lovely people over at Frit Happens and I'm sure they will be able to let me know either what I did wrong... or something else. Here are the rods I used to make the beads... DH Psyche, Effetre Ivory and Effetre Clear.
can you belive that those three rods made these glass
amazing really! don't get me wrong I love this set, but also want to be able to more with the glass!!! So fingers crossed this is the begining of somthing loveleeeee!
Also had a quick read of Amy Trescott's Surface- Decorated Floral Heart tutorial and made this heart from it
I am really pleased with how it went... I have whipped it on a black cord and have round my neck at this moment... I will defiantly be making more of these today i different colours and hopefully I bit more presise


Hearttohearts said...

Wow!! that's amzing how all those colors appear. Beautiful beads. I love the heart

eve said...

Oh vicki i'm really loving all the new beads just now, you are doing really well keep it up.

Good Monkey said...

Lovely beads. Well done you :O)