22 July 2009

Oh my god...

I am pretty sure that I have just reduced some gorgeous Double Helix Psyche!!! I have made 5 beads, and I am soooooooo happy with them... I'm so impatient I keep open to the kiln door to look at them!!! Here is a protype picture of the Psyche Glass... I actually got blues and greens out of the beads I have just made!
I really hope its not a fluke... I'm gunna have a try with another type of silver glass (Cuz i just finished off the last of the Psyche :-( Boohoo... ) fingers crossed... if it goes well I think I'm gunna have to make a rather large silver glass purchase from Tufnells!!! Oh dear, another thing to feed my expensive addiction :-p after all folks... thats exactly what it is!!! I am a Glass Addict!!!!

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