23 April 2009

I'm all set up and ready to go...

Hurrah!!! I'm all set up with my bulk propane to make lots and lots and lots and lots of lovely beads!!!! Thats the plan. I am going to make one bead in each colour I have just for reference and to prove to myself that i can be strict with something I really want to learn how to do properly so making a bead in each colour, means I can practice to perfect a round bead! :-D hehe
Anyway, I set it all up about an hour ago now... and I'm not just strong enough to turn the propane gas cylinder on :-( ive managed to turn it a third of the way round using a towel but my hand is red raw so ive taken a break to say Watch This Space... will hopefully have lots of beads to show very soon!!!!!!
Happy Thursday everyone :-D xxx

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