20 April 2009


Hey there... well first of all i'm sorry for being so quiet... I have no excuse as I have relatively free! I am waiting (as patiently as I can) for the bulk propane set up for my hot head torch... as I've run out of gass... i'm having proper withdrawal symptom and everything... hehe... you just wait til it arrives, then theres gunna be no stopping me!!!
So basically to keep myself busy I have for 1) I have spent quite a bit of time on frit happens, a lampwork forum checking out all the tutorials to try out when i get the gas! and also looking at all the top lampwork artists beads... to get LOADS of inspiration I CAN"T WAIT NOW!!!! It's my day off today :-D YAY! but luckily I am working all day tomorrow and allllllll day wednesday... so I'm hoping that my order will of arrived by the Thursday so I can spend ALL day making BEADSSSSSS Wahhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!Sarah Hornik's Striped Rainbow beads. Also her e-book "Think Pink" is awesome!!!! check it out if you haven't already!!!!

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