23 April 2009

I did it...look!

I did it... I made one bead in each colour glass I have... I've had so much fun today practicing to perfect a dounut shaped bead, and considering I wasn't measuring each one against the next one I think I've done ok at getting them relatively the same size :-D These beads are for my benefit really, So that I can have a rough guide of the colours I have... and I recorded how each of them melted - yawn... haha!!!!! :-DAfter making these beads I had a play around with a few ideas, heres a Red Heart Pendant with a daisy on the right side.I'm so excited that I can make beads whenever I like now!!!! It's so great, and I look forward to learning different techniques and getting better and better :-) I'm off to bed now... Goodnight xxx

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