22 May 2010

What a Great Day with Jenny and Ryan!

The other day, I went round to take pictures of my friend's like boy Ryan. He's 1 year old this week!!! We had such a great time just chilling out and not being in work, I took soooooo many photos!!! Ryan was a complete little poser... at first he wanted to know what my camera was and press the buttons but after about half an hour he was quite happy showing me his toys and playing and wasn't even bothered by it anymore! We took him to the park which was soooooo nice for us cuz it was super sunny!!Ow... and I took some bubbles along... he never seen them before - which was soooooooooo fun!!!
So here are some of my favourites!

FYI: I want to apologise to everyone who has followed my blog for my jewellery and lampwork beads ... when I get to Japan I am hoping to go on some master classes to do with Lampworking so there will be posts about that as and when... but I have taken an extreme liking to photography (which I only originally got into to take better photos of my jewellery and beads) I just want you guys to know... I will still be doing the jewellery and lampworking... but not as much as before - so this will be a blog about EVERYthing I do. Sorry to the people who arn't bothered about my photography, and thank you to everyone who has been supportive, postive and left lovely comments on my blog!!!!
Vicki xxx

Happy 1st Birthday Ryan!!!

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