3 May 2010

Just checking in...

Phew... well that's been a very hard weekend at work, 3 days off now and lots to do! Tomorrow we are going to sort and finish of our Visa application, then Wednesday we are heading to London to go to the Japanese Embassy to actually apply for the working holiday visas which we are hoping to get - so wish us luck, (gasp - this was a long sentence!) and then thursday (this is very very exciting) a friend of a friend has had a baby, she is 8 weeks old, and I am going to go and photograph her! I'm so excited! I've got so many ideas for the shoot so WATCH THIS SPACE!!!!

Ok, so all my lampworking glass stuff has been put into storage - sniff sniff :-(! so you won't be seeing any more beads for a bit now. I haven't quite finished packing my jewellery making stuff yet so you might see some jewellery soon! I can't believe it, we will be in Japan this time in 6 weeks. Time is flying by now... so excited.

Right I'm off, you will hear from me soon, I'll leave you with a photo I took of Fran. Hope you like :-)


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