6 May 2010

If you don't like reptiles... look away now, If you like babies keep reading!

Just about to go to bed, and thought I would post one of my photos from today, to cut a very long story short. We didn't go to get our visa on wednesday because we didn't feel 100% confident in what we had written, having now given a couple of extra days, we are both feeling very confident about it now... so we will be doing that a week on tuesday. 

Sorry to put these in the same post...

I took photos of my friends baby today, she was so gorgeous and by the end I felt totally comfortable holding her... (at first I was very wary having not really had any experience with babies!) I loved it, its was great! She is called Macy Olivia and she is 9 weeks old, We only got one smile out of her but I caught it... Yippee, will be going round to do more next week hopefully and do some family shots too!

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