13 April 2010

I'm taking back my life {and taking back my blog}

Right well... since xmas I would say I have been working my arse off very hard!
I have achieved everything I wanted to achieve.... we now have under 8 six weeks until we move to Japan... and the only thing that we have sorted is our plane tickets and a place to keep our stuff while we are away. We have ALOT more to sort!!!!

So I am very pleased to say that we both now have enough money to go out there and live - and anything we make between now and leaving will be extra/spending money!!!! So I have cut down (again... I know!) to 4 days a week at the restaurant... meaning I have enough time to make money/get everything sorted/enough time to go round spending some quality time seeing everyone before we go! 

I have been off today and I have been round my friends have a birthday dinner party for one of my other friends. Now i'm back home gunna sit down with Fran and write a "To Do" list, and hopefully work our way down it til all is ticked off!!!! You know what else I'm going to do tonight.... I'M GOING TO MAKE SOME BEADS!!!!! hhhhhh'oh yes, that's right!!! I'm feeling inspired and I really haven't been feeling it lately so I will let you know how that all goes!!!

I'm gunna leave you now with a photo I took the other day, I'd had a really great day with the lovely Sara - she had let me take photos of her which you can look at here. and then we went for a walk to somewhere where I could take a few photos of the sunset.
The only editing I did on this photo was straightening up the alignment of the horizon.... so this shot is practically "Straight Out Of the Camera"

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eve said...

wow your moving to Japan, this is a big step, what are you going to be doing over there, i really hope all goes well, i have'nt seen much beads from you off late, but i know why now, i have been the same, been working nearly all the time and hardly any time to make jewellery.