4 April 2010

I have neglected you!

I'm so sorry Blog world that I haven't written to you in over a month now!

We have finally booked our tickets to Japan, we fly on June 13th!!! I am so excited about it, but oh my god I am scared! I know I'm definitely excited about actually being there but there is the whole leaving family and friends behind, and then the actually getting on the plane!!! Yup yup yup, I think that is going to be the hardest thing... waiting for the plane... waiting to get on the plane... waiting to get to our seats... waiting for the plane doors to shut... waiting for the plane to take off... blah blah blah. If any of you know me, you will know that I get extremely anxious! And I'm not so great at dealing with anxiety...
Anyway I'm trying not to think about the negative... infact I am trying to have a whole new take on life... no negativity only positivity... finger crossed, we will see how that one goes!

I have been making a few beads here and there and a few bits of jewellery but really nothing to write about... I am doing so many hours at work waiting on and I am training to be a manager which is another thing to challenge me - I like it!

At the moment, any spare minutes I get outside of work I am searching the internet trying to find videos/tutorials/anything that can teach me the next thing I want to know about photography... I also have been a sucker for Flickr these past couple of weeks! I really want to be able to take good photos more than anything when we go to Japan... and maybe if that goes well, when I get back I could go on a few photography courses... I guess we will have to see.

Anyway I will leave you here with a few of my favorite photos from the thousands I have searched through on Flickr in the past couple off weeks.

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