6 December 2009

IT's CHRISTMAS (nearly)

Happy December everyone!!!
I had a lovely week off - I made lots of beads, I have been practicing alot of techniques (I have pretty much double my lonlies/orphans box, hehe) and I think I have pretty much sussed "encasing" out as you can see in beads above - YAY! We went out on Wednesday night for Fran's Birthday with friends and we had such a great night! Then we went to Liverpool to see Fran's Parents and then went christmas shopping at the Liverpool One shopping center. It was so lovely getting to spend quality time with Fran, as usually we are so frantic with both our work, it has really made me appreciate everything we have (SOPPY I KNOW!!! its true though) and the friends and family we have around us. I do work a lot and I think I can get quite engrossed and maybe forget the good things- I think I will be going out a bit more now - just have fun!

Sorry about that soppy moment there - back to normal blogging Vicki now haha!

OK, Beads beads beads... I have made a couple more sets the one above and this one:

I absolutely love this set... I have made it with a Effetre's Light Sky Blue as a base encased in Effetre's Amethyst which I then wrapped with fine silver foil and then encased in a thin layer of Vetrofond Crystal Clear (which too be honest I'm still undecided whether I like it as a clear glass... it can scums up at the first site of the flame so I'm gunna keep going on my mission to find the best clear glass) To be honest these beads wern't too fun to make but the sight of them now they are finished are think is just soooooo worth it. and I am definitely going to make more of these... and I now have 24ct Gold Leaf to try out next... mmmm red and gold.....

Hehe, I have been thinking I did really enjoy the practicing my bead making a have been doing this week... I guess I thought if I make bead set then my bead making will just naturally get better but thats really not true... I really do need to practice. :-D I might have some orphans to give away for christmas, so Watch this space!

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