8 December 2009

Calling all Jewellery Makers.... Best Suppliers?

If anyone is out there reading this and can think of a few good websites links that sell jewellery supplies (I mainly need STERLING SILVER beads/findings etc but any other links would be great) I would love to take a look at them please, in return I will share mine with you!!!! Some Jewellery artists are very secretive about who supplies them their materials, but I'm more than happy to share the link I have found (these links are the sites a find useful for buying Sterling Silver):
Would really appreicate any more if you guys have any, would be helpful if they were UK based too... wonder what sort of responce I will get off this post...

I will wait in hope!!! :-D xxx

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    Mel P said...

    http://www.eternalflow.co.uk/SearchResults.asp these guys are ace for sterling silver beads and findings
    http://www.cooksongold.com/Charm-Beads/ for sterling silver
    e-bay uk have a host of super wire/chain/silver stores, its a case of ploughing through the listings
    I hope this helps Vicky xxxx