4 August 2009

Pretending to be a professional :-)

Pah!!!! well I literally haven't stopped... and I guess as I am writing on my blog... maybe I am just about to wind down, midnight! wow. I've got a lot of stuff done! So I got up at about half 10 (which was lovely to sleep in til then!) and then got my beads that I had made last night out of the kiln and cleaned them... Took photos of everything that needed its photo taken... then I filled my kiln!!! Think I did about 5-6 hours today behind the torch... but honestly my kiln is actually bursting!!! its only tiny poor thing! One things for sure If I wanted to do this professionally I would defiantly have to get myself a new kiln... I've been dreaming of having this very nice and big PINK kiln!!!! very exciting!!!
So anyway, here are the photos that have been taken from today and also I have updated my jewellery page on Bead By Vicki so you might wanna have a pop over there :-)

Bed Time soon cuz we are all up early, Fran is off to work at 6:15 and I'm up too to get my days worth of lampworking in... then we are heading off to the cinema :-) exciting!

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