20 July 2009

Simple but so effective!

Well like I said I have been having problems concentrating on anything, and I sat at the torch for a good few hours the other day, and everything I produced went in the bin! not only that I burnt myself a total of FIVE times!!!! so I decided to make simple beads... to be honest I literally could make these bead with my eyes closed (hm... maybe thats why I burnt myself so many times... lol)
When I got these beads out of the kiln this morning and I looked at them and decided to etch them... I absolutely love them, and will be making soooooo many more of these and they are just to die for!!!

What do you guys reckon? I think I am gunna make some rainbow ones, and see what happens!!!


eve said...

These are gorgeous as i said on your flickr, the colours are gorgeous,x

Val said...

They are just as stunningly beautiful when you actually see them. I am just so thrilled.