20 July 2009

Just can't concerntrate...

Sorry I haven't blogged for a bit... so much has gone on but I don't think that anything has actually sunk in at all... Very strange, don't know whether you guys know but I have had a few problems with my meds recently without going into too much detail and boring you they have made me feel very dull and very... well... BLAH and not me! I can't concentrate at all... like one day last week at work... I droped about 6 knives within an hour. It was like I had lost the ability to balance a knife in the middle of an empty plate (felt pretty stupid by the 6th one - everyone at work just took the mick out of me and thought It was pretty funny). Anyway... I suppose I have done a few things since last time I blogged... so here goes.

Bronze Suprise Bead Set

This set was a total suprise... I used different shades of blues pinks and purples (my fave colours at the mo, can you tell?!) I pulled a stringer of purple to do some purple decoration on the beads... I think i must have reached for the EDP instead of the bog standard purple colour... well I bought this EDP a couple of weeks ago... its not cheap glass and its called EDP which is short for "Evil Devitrifying Purple" you can get so many colours from this glass (so I have been told - so far I have been pretty terrified of the glass and haven't touched it) but when I looked in my kiln (for a sneeky peek - hehe) the normal purple I thought I had used had changed to the bronzey colour you can see on 3 of the beads!!! YUM!!!!

Purple Haze Bead Set

Royal Impressions Bead Set

These two beads sets I will use to make jewellery with... I don't know what yet, but will put pictures up when I have finished!
Play Mates Bracelet
Bronze Suprise Bracelet

Here are a few beadsets I have made into bracelets for this Heckington Show I am doing with weekend, oww it is hard work, but luckily I'm going slow... and enjoying myself!

Teal Torment Jewellery Set

and here is a jewellery set a made also with one of my bead set and a few swarovski crystals which seem to compliment the glass art very well!!!

At the moment, I'm having a dress rehearsal for my stall at the show, lol I have it all set out on the dining table. I have a few more things to sort out then, then I can pack it all away and be ready for it... I am still very nervous though!!! AGH!!!!

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