7 July 2009

Lavender Lillies

I had a successful day yesterday before work, I made 19 beads in total, 3 of them were practice beads but the rest turned out good.
I based these beads on a set I was commissioned to make for a lady in the US through etsy, they turned out so well that I think i'll be making lots and lots more of these as they seem very very popular.

Here are the ones I made, which i have listed on my website today... If you want to keep up to date with all the photos of my beads etc, please check out my flickr page, as I put ALL of my photos on there, rather than updating all the photos on here :-)

Of to bed now... nunight xxx


eve said...

wow it is working now, hope you get more comments now, oh i love the new beads,

Vicki said...

YAY!!! its working, thanks eve for pointing that out !!! :-)


Hearttohearts said...

Those are great! I realy like the color combinations you used