5 July 2009

Getting back into jewellery making...

So I was up til 3am last night... I am very excited as I am not in work til 4 tomorrow, and it is my 6th day in a row... and im still alive!!! YES!!! hehe, not off properly til WEDNESDAY, but then i actually have two days off!!! WOOP WOOP! well any way, I have been confirmed for this fair so i got started on making a few bit of jewellery... really enjoyed it hence why i stayed up to 3 last night!!!! anyway, I made 2 necklaces and 2 bracelets... WITH MY BEADS - YAY! here are the piccies on the necklaces... hope you like them...Also, I made my references beads (the first lot of plain round beads that I had made with every colour glass I had) into a necklace, I threaded them onto a silver plated necklace and wor it for glastonbury. I have had so many good comments about it, that I decided I am going to make it a MADE TO ORDER necklace on my site... and the colours may change but not too much, and every necklace will have 43 beads on it. Here is a picture or MY ONE :-D
So I have tomorrow til 4 to made beads and jewellery YAY!!!!!

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