23 June 2009

Glastonbury here I come!!!!!

So basically... i have been soooooooo busy since my last post!!! I have done so much!!! I have been working very hard at my restaurant job, i have been making beads, and practicing different techniques... and also designing a few webpages.

I have been working closely with Helen from Blue Fairy Designs, to create a totally new fresh looking website that suites her to display her beautiful glass creations.

Check it out hereWe have a great time working with each, and I am very excited as her website only went live yesterday, and I have already been asked to make another one with someone else! Yippe!!!

I have had my first sale on my website,

and also my first commision and sale on my etsy site.

I have also been featured on an etsy treasury which is very exciting, please check out my etsy site... hope you like :-D

And now... today, I'm going to get on with tidying and packing... because tomorrow I am off to GLASTONBURY!!!!!!!!!!! WAHOO!!! I'm so so so sooooo excited!!!! I will definatly be posting when I get back!!!!!!!!!!!


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