29 June 2009


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Hiya Guys,

Well... what can I say? Honestly... the past 5 days have been unbelievable... indescribable...!!!
I can defiantly FOR SURE say that we are going back again!!! hopefully we will be back as soon as next year... fingers crossed.

So... hopefully I will be able to fit as much info and pics in to do justice to this amazing festival... but I'm not the best at describing things, so I will keep it as short and sweet as I can! (Let the photos do the talking!!!I'm sorry in advance... i know i'm going to waffle... dont feel the need to read all of it!!!)


Wednesday - Day 1

We left at 7:45am on Wednesday morning, we got the train and had to change 3 times, but the journey was great and fast... we joined a load of other Glasto go-ers at Taunton Train Station.

At Castle Cary train station... we joined the worlds longest queue for the shuttle bus to take us to the festival... just over 4 hours we waited for our turn to take the bus to Glastonbury, 4 very long hours in the heat, with not much water and no food!!! We did not expect that queue... and neither did the organizers! Apparently there were 90,000 people on site on the first night.
We got there and got set up on the top of a hill with an amazing view over the whole of the festival!!! Well worth the struggle up there - to be fair fran stuggled the last bit by him self insisting on taking both the suitcases up the grassy hill! We sure arn't taking suitcases next time!!! This is just after 8pm... so it had taken over 12 hours to get there are set up!

Check out that view!!!

We did some exploring that night of what was around, everything was pretty overwhelming, round every corner something ELSE was amazing... didn't want to go too far away from our tent just incase we couldn't find our way back, so we headed back to our tent... so many more tents were pitched near by since we had put ours up. we had just enough space to put a picnic rug outside our tent and enjoy the view before going to sleep!

Thursday - Day 2

Opened the tent the next morning and was confronted by what felt like a million tents!!! There was a bunch of posh london student types (SKINS WANNABES!) who had made a circle of there tents... and somehow our tent was in their "circle" ! Crazy!
(I'm actually gunna stop waffleing now... here are some photos)

So we had done a lot of walking about and exploring as many sites as we could see.. we popped in to a smallish tent where some bands that we had never heard of before were playing. Fran had mentioned before we went that they have secret unannounced gigs through out the festival. And written on a chalk board outside this small tent read;

"10:00 - Very Special Guests"

So we decided we would stay to see who it was and then make the decision to either stay or head onto something else. We popped off to the loo and got caught in hurendous rain and then a couple of full on folk lightning thunderstorms!!! it was crazy!!!! Everyone was running for the nearest shelter or pushing their way through to the music tents so me and fran got our rain coats on, got the umbrella out and just stayed in one place til it all calmed down... it was pretty surreal, everyone screaming and shouting (in a good way!!!).

We headed back to the small tent as soon as we could and caught the end of a great band called Will and the Band, a very cool young reggae group. When they finished it was announced that Newton Faulkner was the special guest!!! I was so excited we ended up in the second row back. Fran stood there with his mouth open watching him play his guitar and sing he is very very good to watch!!! was a great start to the Festival Music!

Friday - Day 3

We got up early (i'd been awake since 5am... it was raining and unfortunatly our tent wasn't fully waterproof... my sleeping bag was soaked through!!!) to get breakfast before the first band was on at 11am. It was still raining... but spirits were high!

We heard:

Bjorn Again - An ABBA tribute band - WOO!

Gabrielle Cilmi
Regina Spektor - you need to check her out if you haven't already - incredible!

The Wombats
Super Grass - Another SECRET GIG!!! Wahoo!!!

Lily Allen - My joint fave of the whole weekend

Lady Gaga - had to get a space for The Ting Tings... wasn't fused about her at all
The Ting Tings - fantastic
Jason Marz - this guy is gunna be big!

obviously watching all those bands... we didn't have much more time to do anything else!

Saturday - Day 4

We did a lot more exploring on Saturday, the art work was so so amazing (I have been very inspired by alot of it... im gunna see what happens when i next make beads... i've got quite a few ideas)

Fran wanted to watch Rolf Harris. but unfortunatly he played on the jazz stage... quite a small stage compared to the main ones... not many other bands were playing at this stage so EVERYONE headed towards Rolf Harris... it got pretty crazy... not only were there thousands of people squashed in... there were about 3 tractors that wanted to get through... so wasn't the best and we headed of just as he began to sing "Tie Me Kangaroo Down Mate".
We went to the Park stage because fran really wanted to watch the Easy Star all Stars - doing a reggae version of some Radio Head songs, it was briliant and the sun was so hot, I fell asleep on the hil... it was lovely. We walked over to see Lisa Hannigan who was great, and we ended up at a stage that didn't even have the programme in the PROGRAMME! haha. and there was the Future Heads doing a secret gig... which meant we had seen 3 secret gigs!!! incredible!!!

We tryed to watch Newton Faulkner again but it was so crowded... we couldn't even see him... we were so lucky to see his secret gig!!!

playing, whilst the Sun Sets behind the Pyramid Stage.
We caught a bit of pendulum and that was pretty good and soooooo busy!
Then saw Franz Ferdinand !!!

We had a walk round some pretty crazy places... called Trash City (pictures above in the day light), Shangri-la and Arcadia, it was a total crazy place to be at night... night clubs, raves, burlesque clubs!

This is a picture of something, so unreal... it was something straight out of a film... the whole thing is made of metal and in the middle there is a round stage where there is a dj and few musicians were... hard core drum and bass music that vibrates through your whole body, and the flare/fire that you can see flared up in time with the bass, you could feel the heat on your face. All around it were people dressed in punk uv floresent pvc crazy outfits doing crazy dancing. To top all that off there are two people hanging of rope dancing in the air!!! INSANE... never seen anything like it before !!! and my describtion just doesn't do it justice!

Sunday - Day 5

The last day... we were both so knackered. Fran named it "drink everything that is left Sunday" he was quite a bit tipsy at about 1 o clock. We had watch The Easy Stars All Stars Band... who did a reggae set on their versions on The Beatles Sargent Pepper's Lonely Heart Band. Brilliant

Then Status Quo. (to be honest i only knew one of their songs... but they were good)
Mike, Fran's mate was working for one of the bands on the sunday, so we met up with him for the Noisettes and Blur.

Blur - honestly amazing!!!! I wasn't too fussed about watching them but Fran really really wanted to ... so we went, and they were incredible... the feeling of being in the crowd singing every word of their songs, was just a crazy feeling... The emotion of the whole performance was electric... Damen also half way through "Out of time" knelt down in the middle of the stage and cried. It was incredible... i was nearly in tears!!! Fran really wants them to get back together to do another album!!!

Monday - Going Home Day

We woke up at 4:30am this morning to get a lift back to Manchester with Mike, and got home about midday. I'm knackered now!!! not back to work til wednesday so me and fran are gunna try do some recordings tomorrow...
will have to let you guys know how that goes.

Hope you have enjoyed the photos... and skipped over all that bloody waffle!!!!

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