23 February 2009

B is for Beads...

I was looking on a wesite I had found called Daisychain Jewellery which by the is a very gorgeous cute little shop full of beautiful jewellery so you should definatly check that one out!!! I was looking over the links page and came across another simply gorgeous site called "B for Beads" and well... I had to spend a bit of money didn't I!!! It a new fave of mine for not the run of the mill stuff, it's different and great prices!!!! It has all the findings you could wish for... so here are some of the things I just had to buy!!!!
Check back to see what jewellery I make with these beautiful silver findings!


Jo said...

Thanks for the lovely mention Vicky. Hope you have lots of fun with your buys from B for Beads!
(Daisychain Jewellery)

Vicki said...

i got another parcel from them this morning as well!!! I just love gettin post :-D