10 June 2010

I have the best friends EVER!

Well, I have lots and lots and lots of photos to uploads.... but my god, I have done soooo much stuff in the last 3 weeks visiting everyone, getting stuff ready for Japan etc... and now I am just chilling til Sunday comes. I have been living with my best mate Jodi, this past week, we have had so much fun!!!! She doesn't have internet though... which is why I have a back log of photos to upload and Sooooooo much to tell you...
But quickly, me and fran had our leaving do last night, it was AMAZING... honestly!!! it was more than I could have ever asked or wished for. Jodi, Sara and Leah helped me make sure everything ran well and we just had an amazing time. I have only sorted a few photos out for now.... so I will be updaeing this post (hopefully tonight, but no promises ok?) so check back please... here are so awesome pictures of a truley awesome night!!! LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!

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