25 February 2010


Princess of Portland Street, Manchester
... Photography.... DSLR... Lenses... Shutter Speed... Aperture... Depth of Field... ISO... White Balance

. . . does this mean ANYTHING to you?!? 

It made no sense to me if anything the words just confused me more.

One thing about me is... I only do the things that I am naturally good at, take badminton for instence... I suck at badminton therefore I DON'T PLAY! I make glass beads because I get enjoyment out of making them and I sense of pride at the finish product... same applies for my jewellery.
I get frustrated sometimes that I have an eye for design yet I have a poor ability to put that design idea down on paper.

So when it came to photographing my jewellery/beads I alwayed borrowed my mums camera... I'm not 100% on what it is, It's not a DSLR but its not a compact... somewhere in between I think. So when I decided to invest in a camera for myself, I wanted one that I would be able to get as much detail as possible from my work.
I ended up getting a Nikon D60 about 6 months ago. It drove me insane for the first month (I wanted to take it back but I had missed the refund time!) as I had no idea how to work it... I suddenly had all these options to change and I panicked and flicked the camera on the AUTO mode and unless I was shooting Macro it stayed on that setting! I slowly got used to my new camera and was happy on the Auto mode, But everyday I have been looking a pictures on Flickr and DeviantArt looking at the settings the camera was set to to take these shots.

I had been looking for a begginners course in dslr photography since I got the camera and I was looking on the Nikon Support website and it came up with a Training courses in Manchester. I booked myself on it and oh my goodness it was amazing! Everything I had read suddenly made sense I finally felt I knew how to control my camera and not let my camera control me! Though there is still soooooo much to learn about using my D60 i feel I am on a definate road to taking good photos... so YAY!!!!
 How to Photography Absoluterly Everything & Digital Photography Masterclass both written by Tom Ang
My brother Matt bought my this Digital Photography Masterclass book for christmas I loved flicking through at the pictures but can't say it made too much sense to be honest! But now I can flick through and actually learn from it before I now understand the LINGO. I would defiantly recommend the Nikon Introduction to DSLR photography course and these 2 books I have above here!!! I feel so inspired!!!


Maggie said...

Lol..I have been experiencing the same situation as you Vicki! I am so clueless about these things but slowly learning to upgrade myself. Looks like that Digital Photography Book is quite interesting & helpful...

Andi said...

Oh man...I AM a photographer! I KNOW all of those terms! But it's still soooo difficult for me to get snazzy photos of my jewelry. I think I just need a more badass camera. :D Yes.