2 November 2009

Sigh... back on the sofa with flu... yet again

Well this is like the 3rd time I've had flu in like 5 months and I'm seriously getting fed up with it! I NEED A BODY TRANSPLANT PLEASE!!!! I can laugh about it really... It strarted when Matthew came home on monday with FLU and has been sat the sofa up until about an hour ago as he is all better now (well apart from the dreadful lingering cough!!!) and now me and Fran arn't well... I've just ordered a load of sterling silver beads/findings for my wedding jewellery which is exciting. It has taken me 5 days to decided what to spend my money on and I finally did it, between coughing, sneezeing etc!!! Will try to keep my brain working, cuz I hate been totally incapable of doing things!!!! Watch this space!!!

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