31 August 2009

Please excuse the TERRIBLE photo... I just wanted to show one of the beads I have made on my brand now torch!!! Promise I will replace the photo tomorrow if the sun comes out!!!
I have had such a mindboggleing day... the torch is so so so so amazing, and I just want to do everything, so I have been making odd beads all day just having a play really... but tomorrow I will try to stick to one idea and make a few bead sets and some more hearts!!! I LOVE MY NEW SET UP!!!! I love it love it LOVE IT!!!!!!! The bead above is made with a green and yellow twistie base, and baby pink and rubino pink flowers... it is the first bead I have made using the rubino properly... I didn't burn it... not even once!!! LOVE MY NEW TORCH.... :-D

I'm a very very very happy beady maker :-) Will post photos tomorrow !


Annelyse Taylor said...

Niiiice! What torch did you get?

Vicki said...

Thank you :-) I got a Nortel Minor Burner and oxycon etc... I was on a hot head, it is such a relief to be off it!!! :-)